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You need more than "just another chat forum or membership group."

You want a community that makes a real difference in the world. One that attracts members who feel like they found their people, frees up your time from delivering 1:1 client services, and makes it easier to achieve your next level of growth. 

You may have even attempted to launch a community before with embarrassing results; or you’ve seen others try and fail and want to avoid making the same mistakes.  

I’m Sophie Bujold. Since 2015, my work has helped community builders like you design, launch and grow an empowering experience that nurtures meaningful connections, fosters sustainable growth, and creates real-world impact.

It's time to gather, connect, and empower your people in a bigger way.

Take your paid membership community from idea to launch​
Identify the right platform(s) to use​
Create an experience that’s a no-brainer to join ​
Grow an engaged and motivated membership​
Make it sustainable for your team to maintain and grow​
Evolve your community model and engagement strategy​
And more…​

Kerry Twigg – Founder @ the Career Club
LinkedIn Top Voice, TEDx Speaker, and Author

I'm confident Sophie saved me about a year of trial and error with her strategic wisdom.​

I got clarity around what I needed the membership site to be for my clients and my business, a snapshot of the membership length I’d be selling, what problems it would solve for my clients, and how the content could be grown for additional revenue lines and a launching strategy. Working with Cliqueworthy was much more than community consulting. It was a gorgeous combo of community launch expertise and business advisor.

My clients are ambitious creatives, changemakers & service providers, just like you.

Experts & Consultants

Build a paid membership community that stands out, creates recurring revenue and frees you from 1:1 work without cookie-cutter formulas.


Deploy community programs that boost funding, enrich member benefits and modernize your approach.


Launch and grow a top-notch paid membership community that increases revenue, promotes growth, and expands your impact. 

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Ready to build a change-making community?

Building membership communities that grow influence
Dr. Michelle Mazur – Founder @ The Expert Up Club

The year Dr. Michelle Mazur launched The Expert Up Club, she generated enough revenue to start retiring HER 1:1 services OF 14 years.

Today, she’s shed the self-awarded title of “Reluctant Community Builder” and leads a highly-curated community of overlooked experts looking to grow their audience and become recognized leaders in their niche. Her members regularly connect, collaborate, and support each other’s business.

Struggling to pick a platform to support your community?

Before you give in and go with the option that seems to be popular with everyone else, there are a few key questions you should be asking yourself.

I wrote this guide to help you clarify your priorities, eliminate options that look flashy but don’t meet your needs, and identify the platform that truly fits the impact you want to make.

"Sophie’s guide to choosing a community platform is absolutely brilliant. If I hadn’t found it before launching my first community, I would be in a complicated (and expensive) world of hurt right now!"
Rachael Pilcher
Founder @ the Mighty Freelancer Community

Debating if building a community is the next right move for you?

Book a Community Readiness Consultation and get honest insights to help you cut through the noise and make an informed decision.

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