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Online Community Consulting  & Strategy for Innovative Leaders.

Cliqueworthy is a boutique consultancy focused on helping innovators and creative leaders design and grow changemaking online communities.

I’m Sophie Bujold, and since 2015, my work has helped community leaders like you to...

Build a clear map of the programming that will keep members coming back for more

Cultivate an engaged and motivated membership

Design community business models that generate recurring revenue, and profit

Build strategic growth plans for their team and business

Identify the right platform(s) to support growth

Design communities that thrive for the long haul

Let’s get your online community ready to



Your community is a budding idea. You need help bringing it to life to increase your impact, and you're concerned about avoiding missteps or overwhelming your team.



Your community is live, but engagement, retention, and/or return aren’t where you want them to be. You want to fix the problem without messing up the rest of what you’ve built.



Your community is growing & engaged but needs to evolve to keep up with your business. You want to enhance the experience or add new features while keeping members happy.

Already discovered by:

I got clarity around what I needed the membership site to be for my clients and my business, a snapshot of the membership length I'd be selling, what problems it would solve for my clients, and how the content could be grown for additional revenue lines and a launching strategy. Working with Cliqueworthy was much more than community consulting. It was a gorgeous combo of community launch expertise and business advisor.

I'm confident Sophie saved me about a year of trial and error with her strategic wisdom.

Kerri Twigg, Career Stories

To create a vibrant, high-ROI online community, you need to go deeper than picking a platform or hiring a community manager.

Why? Because business communities need to do everything that support and interest-based communities do - and make long-term business sense.

If you’re committed to providing an outstanding experience that strikes a balance between business goals and member needs, you’re in the right place. Together we'll explore and land on the most potent way for you to connect, make your mark, and grow your impact. Then we'll fold that into a rich, community experience that helps members accomplish their goals.

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The year Quinn Tempest's community launched was her highest grossing yet. Instead of relying on time-consuming one-on-one services, 93% of her revenue now comes from her community.

Over 18 months, we worked together to design, launch, and grow a bespoke international community for women entrepreneurs. Today, she's welcomed more than 150 women into its fold, hired a community manager, and recruited mentors who help her keep the community thriving.

" After working with Sophie, I can see the future of my entire business for the next 5, 10, maybe even 15 years."

Let’s create your changemaking community.