Build the online community you wish you already belonged to.

Up to 70% of online groups and communities are destined to fail.


It’s no wonder it's felt almost impossible to generate engagement, gain traction with your membership revenue, or figure out how to even get started on the right foot.

Here's what I want you to know.

The best, most impactful, and well-known communities out there have two things in common:

  • Their leaders understand exactly what they stand for and why.
  • They've built a solid engagement framework to rally members around it.

But here's the challenge I see.

Most of the "community" advice out there shows you how to gather people to sell to them. That's great if you're looking to generate buyers and clients; not if you want a real community where people share meaningful experiences, connect, and grow together.

Creating an online group is easy. Turning it into a changemaking space that keeps members coming back for more is much harder.


I’m Sophie – a community strategist, advisor, and big-picture thinker for ambitious creatives, changemakers, and service providers.

Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with community leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe in industries such as travel, coaching, business consulting, design, creative arts, and more.

Together, we’ve strategically planned, designed, and launched membership-based online communities that:

  • Stand out from others by leveraging their leaders' creativity, unique values, interests, and skills
  • Consider business and goals as much as community needs
  • Feel sustainable and exciting to lead
  • Generate excitement & naturally attract members
  • Allow their leaders to grow their business as much as their impact

My love of online spaces started with a floppy disk

A high school friend introduced me to our ISP-provided chat software and I was instantly hooked.

Meeting so many people from around the world and creating a shared virtual experience opened up opportunities to travel, work, and experience things I otherwise didn't have access to – I even met my partner in one of those communities!

That's when I set out to create similar experiences and opportunities for others in every workplace I landed in.

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I used to think about my community as a feature of my course. Speaking with Sophie helped me see it was a core part of my business that should generate revenue, referrals, testimonials, and create even more value for participants.

In one conversation, she showed me how I could accomplish that, with less work than I'd been putting in before. Her insight is thoughtful, practical, and profitable. She's exactly what you need to build the business you want to create. If your business has a community, stop reading this and go book a call with her right now!

Kyla Roma,

A few of my favorite things

Since we're getting to know one another, here are a few things that fuel me, inspire me day-to-day, and influence my work.



I love meeting them, connecting them to others, and hearing their stories. If you give me a chance to sit down with someone and have a deep, meaningful conversation about their journey in life, I'm in every time!



When I'm not painting in my studio, I'm off sharpening my photography skills. This creative spirit also shows up in my work where I love to bring in the unconventional and explore new perspectives.



From my hair to my artwork and everything in between, I love injecting a little (or a lot of) color and pattern wherever I can. The more vibrant, the better!


Books + Learning.

Ever since I was little, curling up with a good book has been one of my favorite things to do. Fiction, non-fiction, self-development, or business – I enjoy them all!


Matcha Lattes.

No matter if I'm meeting friends, making art, or reading a book, my favorite hot drink is never far away. It's my way of creating a small break for myself during the day.



I'm a huge tech nerd and I love how it can help us connect to others. I get a glimmer in my eye whenever I find a new way of using my favorite app to solve a problem.


Wondering how we might work together?