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I’m Sophie Bujold, online community consultant, and strategist.

I help innovators and creative leaders design high-value paid community experiences that create recurring revenue, and live and thrive for the long haul.

For more than 20 years now, I’ve worked at the intersection of building community, improving client experience, and leveraging the online world.

My clients include community leaders in industries such as coaching, design, creative arts, travel, and more. I collaborate with people-focused businesses and non-profits that care deeply about their impact and the quality of what they put out into the world.

Here's what I wish all community leaders knew:

It’s possible for you to create a high-impact online community that transforms your business and your legacy beyond what you imagine.

But communities are just like the offers your customers love to buy, or the best hires who elevate your whole team. The good ones don't happen by accident.

Leaders who are open to challenging how they think about community can change the future of their business.

I work closely with business owners and founders from laying the strategic foundation for their high-impact community, through to celebrating a successful launch.

As a strategic partner and online community consultant, my role is to help clients think through, map out, and craft the best new community experience to serve their members AND their business vision.



Just like in a thriving community, having the right people in the room makes all the difference. Here’s some of the experience, skills, and training that makes my perspective so unique.

Community Building

I've been active in online communities as a user, moderator, and leader since my teenage years. Once I joined the workforce, I applied those skills to using online community spaces and social media groups in private, for-profit communities.

Customer Experience

As part of that work, I've developed customer training and onboarding programs, designed educational workshops, and ran live events. I've built online customer portals for small businesses and multi-million-dollar enterprises alike.

Team Leadership

I've managed multi-national teams of employees and contractors, and have been the voice of customers inside organizations. I've worked with executive leaders on achieving company objectives and led the development and deployment of several high-stakes initiatives across organizations of various sizes. I'm just as comfortable in a boardroom as I am working 1:1 with entrepreneurs.

Business Strategy

Since 2011, I've run my own businesses, as a digital strategist and online community consultant. I've also been a strategic sounding board to entrepreneurs, startup founders, and leadership teams as they develop the next version of their business. I regularly draw on this experience to help my clients make wise decisions in the work we do together.

Training & Education

I've developed and delivered training programs to groups of 2-3 individuals all the way to several thousand. I created a social media training program for travel professionals that was the first of its kind. It attracted close to 150 students, and led to large organizations hiring me to develop their own custom trainings.

Digital Strategy

For over a decade, I oversaw digital media for over 3,000 small businesses and regional offices across the globe. I managed the planning, production, and deployment of content, including but not limited to websites, video campaigns, and email marketing. At the same time, I also managed white-label digital products and services.


Dr. Jason Marr, ND launched his community with two sold-out launches and attracted multiple 5-figure sponsorships.

Today, he and his business partners lead one of Canada's top continuing education communities for naturopathic medicine professionals. Its members actively strengthen their practices and improve patient care through peer support, expert interviews and seminars, clinical coaching, and business development advice.



Since we're getting to know one another, here are the values that drive me in life and at work.


Hello, Human.

Respecting and honoring one another’s humanity always comes first — authenticity, empathy, kindness, and trust matter in every relationship.


Goodbye, Ego.

We’re in this together, standing in partnership. Combining our genius is where the magic lies, and radical collaboration is how we get it out into the world.


Mind the Ripples.

Making the world a better place is a priority. I remain mindful of my impact on others while using my power, privilege, and resources to lift them up as often as I can.


Welcome Wonder.

Questions are powerful — I ask why, search, learn, experiment, and create as I work. None of us have all the answers, and that’s ok; we all benefit from new perspectives.


Honor Alignment.

The impact of our work is only as strong as the courage we have to stand in our truth. I do my best to speak up, make hard choices, and do the right thing – even when no one is watching.


Delight in Delivery.

Working should be fun – Seriously! Building strong relationships fuels me, and spotting opportunities to surprise and delight others as I work brings me joy. I do both as often as possible.

Diversity and inclusion drive impact in the communities I build with my clients.

At the same time, I know that the systems of racism, sexism, cis-genderism, and ableism run deep, and acknowledge the privileges they afford me. As such, I'm deeply committed to an ongoing journey of learning and unlearning. I commit to using my voice and power as often as I can to affect positive change for marginalized groups.

In business, I align myself with leaders who share this commitment and strive to build spaces that support, elevate, and celebrate diverse voices.

Recent Interviews & Appearances

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