Case Study: Campfire Medicine

How Dr. Jason Marr, ND Launched a Thriving Community and Grew it to 100+ Members in Less Than a Month Thanks to Cliqueworthy

The client

Dr. Jason Marr is a Naturopathic Doctor who believes in providing his patients with the very best integrative, holistic, and pragmatic medicine so that they can continue being the best versions of themselves. He is the founder of Evoke Integrative Medicine and a co-founder of Campfire Medicine.

“Without Cliqueworthy, I don’t think we’d even have a community. We’d probably still be planning. Sophie had the expertise to help us create and sustain our Campfire Medicine community, and to find success sooner than we expected.”

– Dr. Jason Marr, Founder of Evoke & Campfire Community Leader

Campfire is a subscription-based education platform that includes clinical coaching, a peer-supported group, and business development guides.

Their team has worked hard to package their combined 36+ years of clinical experience, and share their knowledge about naturopathic medicine and business development with students, new graduates, and experienced doctors alike. 

The Challenge


Engaging other naturopathic doctors


Building a community from scratch


Spend less energy on marketing tactics, and more time on content creation

Dr. Marr has been practicing naturopathic medicine for the past 11 years. In that time, he’s developed a strong desire to help other Naturopathic Doctors and students. His goal is to help them learn more, become better at their craft, and run successful businesses.

As a clinic owner, instructor, consultant, and speaker, Jason had a lot of experience to share—both about naturopathic medicine and about running a sustainable, successful business.

But when he tried to launch an online course in early 2017, interest was muted. He spent months trying to market his course to one person at a time with little results.

Jason knew he needed to try again, but first he needed to answer two fundamental questions: How do you get those first few people in the door, and how do you turn that seed of interest into a thriving community?

“Without Cliqueworthy, I don’t think we’d even have a community. We’d probably still be planning. Sophie had the expertise to help us create and sustain our Campfire Medicine community, and to find success sooner than we expected.”

The Solution

Cliqueworthy helped Jason and his partners, Dr. Alana Shaw and Dr. Bobby Parmar, answer those questions by developing a plan that would enable them to build the community they’d always wanted.

Their community experience mapping encompassed:

  1. Business goals. What Jason needed to get out of the community and how it would help him grow his business.
  2. Community goals. What potential members would expect to get out of a naturopathic medicine community, and how to deliver that experience.
  3. Benchmarking. The priorities they would use to measure the community’s success. Also, the content they would need to offer, the environment they would need to foster, and the opportunities they would need to provide to accomplish those priorities.
  4. Roadmap to success. The end-to-end path each new member would take and what Jason’s role would need to be within the community.
  5. Logistics. How the community would generate revenue, how to handle marketing, and what to do between the pre-launch and the launch of Jason’s community to ensure that it was a success.

According to Jason, Cliqueworthy’s biggest contribution is the plan they came up with to seed the community with its first few members.

They had the idea to roll out his offering over multiple phases. The Alpha and Beta phase were designed to incentivize early adopters and turn them into evangelists for the community as it geared up for an official launch.

And with that, the community, Campfire Medicine, was born.

“After working with Cliqueworthy, I have recognized that things I thought I should be doing because everyone else says they work weren’t necessarily the right strategies for me.”

The Results


Sold out pre-launch memberships & a thriving community


100+ members within one month from the alpha and beta rounds


Profitable and sustainable thanks to their membership fees structure


Attracted multiple 5-figure industry sponsorships within months


Campfire is now known as one of the strongest continuous learning programs in the industry.


Cliqueworthy was instrumental in Campfire’s successful launch. Pre-Alpha, Jason and his partners hoped that their soft-launch would secure 25 members within a month. Instead, they got 25 members in less than three days. Just like that, the Alpha had sold out.

Their Beta launch was also a runaway success, selling out in a few days more. In fact, interest was so strong that they decided to roll out the official launch months earlier than expected—to resounding success.

Campfire is now the bustling community that Jason had always dreamt of. It currently serves over 100 active members and it has become a trusted platform for Naturopathic Doctors and students to get advice and deepen their learning in the field.

Plus, thanks to Cliqueworthy’s strategic logistical considerations, Campfire is able to sustain itself off of memberships and it’s brought in multiple 5-figure sponsorships. This gives Jason and his team the financial freedom they need to maintain the community and continue creating high-quality materials, educational webinars, and a wide variety of courses.

Today, the Campfire community is one of the strongest in the field of naturopathic medicine, and it’s still growing. Jason already has plans to host their first live conference in 2020.

“We had an overwhelming influx of signups over the first month. There was so much demand that we decided to just launch Campfire officially. It was really exciting and way beyond what we expected.”


Trying to build a community that supports your business goals? Cliqueworthy can help.