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They know that a community’s success goes way beyond generating a constant influx of new members. Together, we’ve found their strategic sweet spot that deeply helps their members and sustains their business.


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A curated community where overlooked experts grow their audience & become recognized leaders in their niche.

Generated enough revenue to start retiring 1:1 services in less than 12 months from launch

A cozy and connecting gathering place for women and non-binary people who are childless not by choice.

Preserved more than 75% of current members after purchasing community & re-aligning the experience to new goals.

An immersive year-round community & live coaching experience that helps people transform their lives.

Transformed a signature 8-week program into an immersive year-round community & coaching experience that helps people thrive.

A vibrant community of artists and designers learning how to build a career in textile design.

Improved monthly member growth by 83% and more than tripled member numbers.

One of the top continuing education communities for naturopathic medicine professionals in Canada.

Achieved 2x sold-out launches and attracted multiple 5-figure sponsorships.

A community of more than 6,000 watercolour artists from 100+ countries who are cultivating a painting practice.

Pivoted from a single-teacher painting school to nature-themed art club, without alienating the existing 6,000 members.

Built a community for female entrepreneurs who are aligning their business with their deeper purpose, to prevent burnout & increase joy.

Went from relying on time-consuming 1:1 services to 93% of revenue coming from community.

The True Awesome Club helps mid- to executive-level job seekers land ideal work through storytelling

Increased her impact with a community that serves 1,000+ mid- to executive-level job seekers.

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Christine Thatcher – Founder @ the Drama-Free Design Collective

My community just works — and I understand my role in it. Now it feels comfortable and natural to be that leader.

After working with Sophie, I have recognized that things I thought I should be doing because everyone else says they work weren’t necessarily the right strategies for me. My new strategy is based on who I am, and who I’m trying to attract.

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