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My clients are ambitious creatives, changemakers & service providers, just like you.

They know that a community's success goes way beyond generating a constant influx of new members. Together, we've found their strategic sweet spot that deeply helps their members and sustains their business. Because a community that’s built for the long haul creates exponential change in the world.


Create New Career Opportunities

By showing thousands of rural women how to transition from hobbyists to successful, professional textile designers

Increase Quality of Life for Canadians

By supporting and advocating for thousands of mental health professionals and social workers in Ontario, Canada, who directly increase the quality of life of countless Canadians

Support women who are childless not by choice

By offering them a safe space for support, validation, and mutual understanding of what it’s like to be childless so they can process their experience and build a fulfilling life in their new reality.

Build Stronger Support Circles

By providing a space for family and friends of people battling an addiction to support each other and care for themselves throughout their loved one’s recovery

Empower Women Financially

By teaching tens of thousands of women business owners around the world how to improve their relationship with money, earn more, and create financial freedom

Increase Career Contentment

By leading thousands to finding more happiness and career fulfillment at work, through science-backed mindfulness practices and storytelling

Cultivate Happiness & Creativity Worldwide

By teaching thousands to paint in an intricate, realistic style they didn’t think they were capable of, while increasing self-esteem, connecting with artists around the world, and building a nourishing connection to the natural world

Protect a Profession

By providing thousands of Naturopathic Doctors with critical business skills and professional mentorship that help them avoid defaulting on student loans and leaving the workforce.

Fund Innovation For Good

By raising $30 million in investment capital for progressive businesses that are committed to measuring success by how much they help people, their communities, and the environment - instead of just by profit

Upskill Helping Professionals

By making high-quality training and mentorship in modern applied psychology and cognitive-behavioral science more accessible to the public


Dr. Jason Marr

Founded Campfire Medicine, one of the top continuing education communities for naturopathic medicine professionals in Canada.

Dr. Marr launched his community with two sold-out launches and attracted multiple 5-figure sponsorships.


Michelle Fifis

Founded Pattern Observer and the Textile Design Lab, a community of artists and designers learning how to build a career in textile design

Michelle improved her monthly member growth by 83% and more than tripled her member numbers.


Quinn Tempest

Founded the Create Your Purpose Collective, a community for female entrepreneurs who are aligning their business with their deeper purpose, to prevent burnout and increase joy

Quinn went from relying on time-consuming 1:1 services to 93% of her revenue now coming from her community.


Christine Thatcher

Founded the Drama-Free Design Collective, a community that teaches freelance designers how to elevate their design process and client experience.

Christine generated over $126,000 in course sales - a 15x increase – in less than 9 months.


Kerri Twigg

Founded the Career Club, a community that helps mid- to executive-level job seekers land ideal work through storytelling

Kerri Twigg increased her impact with a community that served thousands of mid- to executive-level job seekers every month.


Amy Lippmann

Founded the Health Coach Collective, a community for health and wellness entrepreneurs to get support and guidance as they build their businesses

Amy grew her community from 0 to 2,798 in 6 months and sold out her first launch. Her collective has since grown to more than 11,500 members.


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