Meet amazing founders leading outstanding communities


My clients are ambitious creatives, changemakers & service providers, just like you.

They know that a community's success goes way beyond generating a constant influx of new members. Together, we've worked to create a unique community experience that delivers value to its members and will sustain their business for the long haul.

I'd like you to meet a few of the founders that I've had the privilege of helping. 


Quinn Tempest grossed her best year ever while shifting 62% of her revenue from 1:1 project work to membership fees.


Christine Thatcher built a community of 1,800 members and generated more than $126,000 in course sales in 9 months.


Dr. Jason Marr sold out his alpha and beta launches and attracted multiple 5-figure sponsorships shortly after.  


Michelle Fifis saw monthly member growth increase by 83% and her return on ad spend climb to $17/dollar spent.


Amy Lippmann went from 0 to 2,798 members in 6 months and sold out her new program before the cart close date.

In their own words

With 100% confidence, I can say my community would not even exist at all without Sophie.”

Frankly, before I worked with Sophie, I didn’t even know what was the transformation I wanted to facilitate for the people in my sphere, or how my community needed to serve me and the people I serve.

Now, I’ve led over a hundred women through the course and brought them into the community. I’ve seen them make amazing changes in their business, double their revenues, and attract their dream customers. It’s been so meaningful for me to see the impact of the community.

Quinn Tempest, Create Your Purpose

My community just works — and I understand my role it in. And now it feels comfortable and natural to be that leader.

After working with Cliqueworthy, I have recognized that things I thought I should be doing because everyone else says they work weren’t necessarily the right strategies for me. My new strategy is based on who I am, and who I’m trying to attract. I did not believe that I could be a community leader, but Sophie did.

Christine Thatcher, Designing to Delight

I'm confident Sophie saved me about a year of trial and error with her strategic wisdom.

I got clarity around what I needed the membership site to be for my clients and my business, a snapshot of the membership length I'd be selling, what problems it would solve for my clients, how the content could be grown for additional revenue lines and a launching strategy. It was much more than a community launch site, it was a gorgeous combo of community launch expert + business advisor.

Kerri Twigg, Career Stories

Without Cliqueworthy, I don’t think we’d even have a community. We’d probably still be planning.

Sophie had the expertise to help us create and sustain our Campfire Medicine community, and to find success sooner than we expected. We had an overwhelming influx of signups over the first month. There was so much demand that we decided to just launch Campfire officially.

Jason Marr, Campfire Medicine

I used to think about my community as a feature of my course. Speaking with Sophie helped me see it was a core part of my business that should generate revenue, referrals, testimonials, and create even more value for participants.

In one conversation, she showed me how I could accomplish that, with less work than I'd been putting in before. Her insight is thoughtful, practical, and profitable. She's exactly what you need to build the business you want to create. If your business has a community, stop reading this and go book a call with her right now!

Kyla Roma,

I’ve seen a lot more engagement, our numbers are growing, and we’re finally making the most of the money we’ve invested in advertising.

I want to create more opportunities for designers. I’m hoping to grow the Pattern Observer to a place where we can bring in new designers and help them get their start in the industry through our own studio. Cliqueworthy's insights are a great complement to my own process.

Michelle Fifis, Pattern Observer

Working with Sophie has given me incredible insight and made my community much more effective.

The expertise she brings to the table has allowed me to relax and feel more confident with the steps I’m taking to grow my business. We’ve built a solid plan together and it’s been so refreshing to feel like I’m not alone. She's smart, generous, and attentive – and an expert at seeing the things that I can’t because like all of us, I’m too close to my business.


Let's take your community from ok to outstanding.