Dr. Jason Marr

Founded: Campfire Medicine, one of the top continuing education communities for naturopathic medicine professionals in Canada. It offers clinical training that NDs can’t get enough of, and the business training they need to thrive

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The Challenge

  • Naturopathic Doctors complete extensive medical training, but in Canada, they were at risk of being denied access to student loans to fund their training because of the high rate of loan default
  • Dr. Marr knew their schooling lacked modern business training, and that losing funding for their education would have a catastrophic impact on the field
  • Dr. Marr wanted to start a community for NDs to continue their business and clinical training and to decrease loan default rates nationally so training to become an ND remained accessible
  • He had been coaching people one-on-one, but had reached capacity and knew he could increase his impact, and help shift his industry, with community - but wasn’t sure where to start

Highlighted Results


Sold out the membership pre-launch and kicked off a thriving community


Attracted 100+ members to the community within one month


Attracted multiple 5-figure industry sponsorships within months

Planned a profitable and sustainable membership fees structure

Dr. Marr added two business partners to help grow the impact of the business

Campfire Medicine is known as one of the strongest continuous learning programs in the industry

“Sophie had the expertise to help us create and sustain our Campfire Medicine community, and to find success sooner than we expected.

We had an overwhelming influx of signups over the first month. There was so much demand that we decided to just launch Campfire officially. But without Cliqueworthy, I don’t think we’d even have a community. We’d probably still be planning.”

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