Cliqueworthy's insights are a great complement to my own process.  I’ve seen a lot more engagement, our numbers are growing, and we’re finally making the most of the money we’ve invested in advertising. Michelle Fifis, Pattern Observer

Kerri Twigg

Founded: Career Club, which helps mid- to
executive-level job seekers land ideal work through storytelling

Career Stories Logo

The Challenge

  • Kerri had a large, engaged audience she knew she could serve more deeply. She'd become known, and LinkedIn not only named her #1 Career Coach worldwide, but selected her as a Top Voice on the network
  • Her business, Career Stories, sold over a dozen different courses on a wide array of resume and career growth topics
  • She had thousands of members who wanted support, and knew a community could help her increase her impact
  • She wanted to design a community that supported her work, not overwhelm her workload

Highlighted Results

Kerri created a unified membership experience to provide support for all her offerings and create community among job seekers

She offered events and promoted courses inside the community, increasing its ROI and supporting member goals

Kerri’s community served thousands of mid- to executive-level job seekers every month

Her first book, Career Stories, was published in 2021 and has been an Amazon bestseller multiple times

In her words:

“I'm confident Sophie saved me about a year of trial and error with her strategic wisdom.

I got clarity around what I needed the membership site to be for my clients and my business, a snapshot of the membership length I'd be selling, what problems it would solve for my clients, and how the content could be grown for additional revenue lines and a launching strategy. It was much more than community consulting, it was a gorgeous combo of community launch expert and business advisor."

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Founded the Health Coach Collective, a community for health and wellness entrepreneurs to get support and guidance as they build their businesses

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Dr. Jason Marr

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Dr. Marr launched his community with two sold-out launches and attracted multiple 5-figure sponsorships.


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Christine generated over $126,000 in course sales - a 15x increase – in less than 9 months.


Michelle Fifis

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Michelle improved her monthly member growth by 83% and more than tripled her member numbers.