Michelle Fifis

Founded: Pattern Observer and the Textile Design Lab, a community of artists and designers learning how to build a career in textile design

Textile Design Lab Logo

The Challenge

  • Pattern Observer offers expert-led courses, peer support, and exclusive industry resources for designers breaking into the textile design industry
  • Michelle wanted to make sure the community appealed to and converted the right kind of members - engaged, long-haul designers who are driven to grow and succeed
  • Uncovered that members loved the content, but had difficulty navigating the site. They were creating and sharing their own unofficial user manuals to work around it, which pointed to a barrier to retention
  • Shift Michelle’s focus and energy from marketing to creating new premium content for her community and give her away from the office
  • Reduce the number of marketing campaigns while increasing Textile Design Lab memberships

Highlighted Results

Started tracking member lifecycle, and found a previously unnoticed retention problem. We worked to reduce churn, and improve the member experience to increase membership length.


increase in net monthly member growth within 6 months


The community now hosts 2,700 members and was growing by 30–40 members per month at the end of our engagement


Michelle’s advertising costs dropped, and during her last campaign, Michelle earned $17 for every $1 she spent on ads

Negotiated her first strategic partnership with a leading industry event company. This paved the way for new professional opportunities for members and increased visibility for the community

“I’ve seen a lot more engagement, our numbers are growing, and we’re finally making the most of the money we’ve invested in advertising.

I want to create more opportunities for designers. I’m hoping to grow the Pattern Observer to a place where we can bring in new designers and help them get their start in the industry through our own studio. Cliqueworthy's insights are a great complement to my own process.”

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