Is building a community the right next move for you?

Get honest insights from a seasoned strategist to help you cut through the noise and make an informed decision.

You're here because...

You’re an expert at what you do and you’re questioning whether building a community is your next right step. You’ve seen others succeed and you’ve seen some crash and burn. You’re intrigued yet cautious, excited yet a bit scared.

Questions like these may be swirling in your head:

What exactly am I getting myself into?​

How much work is this really going to take?​

How do I make sure this doesn't turn into another boring group?​

Will it really be worth the time and effort?​

How do I even get started?

Stop the uncertainty from living rent-free in your head. 

The “should I or shouldn’t I” of building a community can really play on loop in your mind.  That’s exactly why I’m offering an honest, insight-packed consultation to help you make it stop.

I’m here to share everything I know, from the nuts and bolts to the highs and lows, drawing from more than two decades of experience in designing, launching, and growing empowering experience that nurtures meaningful connections, fosters sustainable growth, and creates real-world impact.

Enter the Community Readiness Consultation. 

This isn’t about me selling you on a dream.

Instead, we’ll have a candid, one-on-one discussion about what a membership community could look like for your business and what it could realistically take for you to build it.

Lisa Gates – Founder @ Your Stories Happen Here
LinkedIn Learning Instructor, Leadership Coach & Facilitator


Sophie is one of the most gifted people I have ever hired to support me in my business.

She’s is a superb listener and forensic interviewer and asked the most precise and insightful questions to drill down into the impact I wanted to deliver.

As an entrepreneur herself she knew immediately what to focus on, and did research to find data to support her intuition. She followed that with super strategic advice that has made all the difference. She’s in my pocket for life, and she should be in yours too.

I’m Sophie bujold

Community consultant and strategist.

For over 20 years I’ve helped leaders launch, improve, and enhance one-of-a-kind communities that change the world for the better.

I specialize in designing high-engagement communities that are built to scale, while the workloads that run them don’t.

I’ve spent years behind the scenes leading teams, advising, and improving community experiences for start-ups, creative business owners, teachers, artists, non-profits, and more. I’ve distilled that to a bespoke process that designs compelling member experiences, with a sustainable business model and team management.

If you're wondering whether building a community is the best way to amplify your impact and want an outside perspective to help you decide with confidence, I'd love to share my thoughts on how you can help more people than you thought possible.

Straight Talk, No Fluff.

Get the lowdown on how a membership community can (or can’t) align with what you’re doing through a tailored consultation with a Community Readiness Consultation.

what you can expect

Thoughtful Questions

This isn't about what everyone else is doing; it's about what will work for you and your business.

Honest Insights

You'll get my unfiltered advice based on years of experience in community building. I'll share what I know about the benefits and the challenges, helping you see beyond the surface.

No Sales Pitch

Our time together is not a sales conversation. I’m here to provide value by helping you gain the insight you need. If you decide you’re interested in my other services, we can book a separate call to discuss them.

How IT works

1. Book Your Session

Choose a time for us to meet.

1. Make your payment

Pay the session fee to confirm your spot.

3. Let's Talk

In up to 60 minutes, we'll discuss your situation and explore whether building a community aligns with your business goals.

For $375 USD.

Yep, this is a significant cut from my usual service fees. I’ve priced it this way not only to be enticing but also because I genuinely enjoy these sessions—they’re a highlight for me too!

Stop wondering “what if” and start exploring “what’s next.” ​

Book your session now—let's explore realistic, fit-for-you possibilities together.

Expert Coach & Workshop Facilitator to some of the world’s top brands.

Keita Williams – Founder & Chief Strategist @ Success Bully

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider booking a session?

This type of session is great for experts, consultants, and entrepreneurs who are curious about the potential of building a community, have seen others succeed and want to understand what it takes to do the same, or need an experienced outside perspective to make an informed decision.

Ideally, you have a rough list of 2-3 questions you’d like us to tackle and an idea of the goals you’re hoping to reach with your community. We’ll use those as a launching pad for our discussion. 

When you click to book a session, you’ll be taken to a calendar where you can view available times and select the one that works best for you. You can confirm your appointment by completing your payment. 

Consultations are US$375 and last up to 60 minutes. Your payment will be collected via Stripe once you select the date and time that works best for you. All purchases are final and non-refundable. 

Jot down your goals for this community, any questions you’d like us to tackle (I’ll be asking you for these when you book, anyway) and any notes that would be useful to our discussion. I you have any resources you’d like to show me during the call, gather those too. 

My goal is to provide you with the clarity you need to decide if building a community is the right move for you right now. It’s highly likely that you’ll also leave with ideas about the type of community you could build, and what it might involve. 

This is meant to be a standalone session. However, I’m always open to getting an update about where you landed and what insights you gained from our conversation. And if you want to continue the conversation over another session or two, we can make it happen. 

That’s OK! I’m here to offer you clarity on what’s best for you, not to force you into building a community. In fact, I’ve helped several people realize that a community was not the right fit move and their experience of our conversation was just as valuable. 

I’d love to help you! Let me know that want more support and we’ll set up a separate conversation to explore what that could look like. 

These sessions are not designed for a whole team (contact me here to discuss options) That being said, you can bring a co-founder or business manager if it’s critical for them to be there. 

Out of respect for my calendar and other clients, all booked sessions are non-refundable – regardless of whether you need to cancel or not. If you need to reschedule your session, you may do so with at least 24 hours of notice. please email me so that we can find a mutually reasonable alternative. No-show appointments will not be rescheduled. 

No-show appointments are non-refundable and will not be rescheduled. If an extenuating circumstance kept you from attending, please get in touch to discuss your situation. 

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