Transform Your Vision into a Thriving Community

Your Essential Guide to Choosing an Online Community Platform

Your idea isn’t just a fleeting thought; it’s the seed of a community that could change lives, including your own. But every visionary leader knows that the strength of a community isn’t just in its numbers, but in the depth of its connections. The foundation? The right platform.

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Rachael Pilcher – Founder @ the Mighty Freelancer Community

Sophie’s guide to choosing a community platform is absolutely brilliant.

If I hadn’t found it before launching my first community, I would be in a complicated (and expensive) world of hurt right now!

Ready to Find Your Right-Fit Platform?

Your members are looking for a home, not just another forum. They crave connections, growth, and a sense of belonging.

Imagine launching your membership community on a platform that’s all the rage, only to discover it’s like hosting a grand banquet in a cramped living room—guests bump elbows, the conversation stifles, and the ambiance you dreamed of never materializes.

Contrast this with hosting in a space that feels like it was designed with you in mind: conversations flow freely, every guest feels valued, and the evening unfolds in perfect harmony with your vision. This is the stark reality of choosing a community platform based on popularity versus one tailored to your unique goals and community needs.

This guide ensures you can provide exactly that, wrapped in an experience that feels tailor-made for them—and for you.

I'm Sophie Bujold.

A Community Consultant & Strategist based in Vancouver, Canada

I help change-making leaders design high-value community experiences that help their businesses grow.

For more than 20 years now, I’ve worked at the intersection of building community, improving client experience, and leveraging the online world.

Today, I work closely with experts, consultants, entrepreneurs and associations from laying the strategic foundation for their high-impact community, through to celebrating a successful launch.

Together we explore and land on the most potent way to connect, make a mark, and grow their impact. Then we fold that into a rich, community experience that helps members accomplish their goals.

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Your time, energy, and vision are precious.

The path from concept to impact doesn’t have to be riddled with trial and error. 

Choosing the right platform for your community is essential. It’s the foundation you’ll build on to make an outstanding impact for your members, and it needs to serve your priorities now, and in the future. If you get it right, it will make your administration easier, your scaling smoother, and give you the tools to deliver an unforgettable experience that keeps your members coming back for more.

The problem is, if you start building on a platform that isn’t a good fit, you could be heading for huge frustrations. The last thing you want is to pour your heart and soul into your community, only to quickly outgrow your platform and be forced into an exhausting migration.

This guide helps you lay a strong foundation for a community that grows, engages, and inspires. 

Purpose-Driven Selection

Build a paid membership community that stands out, creates recurring revenue and frees you from 1:1 work without cookie-cutter formulas.

Member-Centric Design

Deploy community programs that boost funding, enrich member benefits and modernize your approach.

Business & Lifestyle Alignment

Launch and grow a top-notch paid membership community that increases revenue, promotes growth, and expands your impact. 

Tech Harmony

Ensure your choice integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, for a stress-free management experience.​

Kerry Twigg – Founder @ the Career Club
LinkedIn Top Voice, TEDx Speaker, and Author

I'm confident Sophie saved me about a year of trial and error with her strategic wisdom.​

I got clarity around what I needed the membership site to be for my clients and my business, a snapshot of the membership length I’d be selling, what problems it would solve for my clients, and how the content could be grown for additional revenue lines and a launching strategy. Working with Cliqueworthy was much more than community consulting. It was a gorgeous combo of community launch expertise and business advisor.


Embrace the journey with confidence, knowing you’re making an informed decision that will shape the future of your community. Let’s start building something extraordinary together.
We will never share your data with unauthorized third parties but may collect, share, and process it in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
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