As a white person and business owner, I acknowledge that my actions – both conscious and unconscious, past and present – have benefited some communities while limiting opportunities and outcomes for communities of color.


I want to do what I can to address and work toward eliminating institutional racism and the ways in which I unconsciously support it.

As such, I commit to:

  • investing in and paying fairly (and in real money) for the services of qualified consultants and educators who can help us review and improve our practices, programs, and policies to better support BIPOC
  • allowing open conflict and discomfort when it arises on my team or in our community – including not hiding, deleting, or ignoring it – and apologizing wholeheartedly when I mess up.
  • welcoming open and honest communication with my team, my audience, my clients, and my community at large so that we can identify opportunities to do better and be better – and take action on it.
  • consciously allocating an ongoing portion of my company budget to the BIPOC community, whether that’s hiring BIPOC employees, using BIPOC-owned software, purchasing BIPOC-authored books, and more.