Kayla Viitamaki

UI/UX Specialist

Loose-leaf tea aficionado. Traveler. Black liquorice connoisseur.

Kayla is our go-to expert when we need to help a client analyze and improve their user interface.

She has an impeccable eye for design flow, and thrives on creating user-friendly solutions that streamline and enhance the ways that people move through online experiences.

Curious by nature, she loves learning about the struggles and goals of businesses and then harnessing her design experience to come up with creative solutions to individual problems.

Interestingly, Kayla was trained in interior design before she received her certification in UX design. This gave her a strong understanding how people move through physical spaces, which is fundamentally similar to how users move through spaces online. This three-dimensional approach has allowed her to create beautiful designs that not only anticipate users’ needs, but that also present at the perfect moment to beautifully enhance each user’s interactive experience. She’s worked for a variety of companies, big and small, which has given her a wide breadth of experience to pull from when working with our clients.

When she’s not busy beautifying UI/UX, you can find her covering things with pom-poms, or watching the sunrise while sipping on tea. In fact, sunrises are one of her favourite things: one of her top bucket list items is to watch the sunrise (and sip on tea!) from every continent.

Fun fact:

Kayla used to train as an opera singer, and has performed in several roles with the Vancouver Opera.