Melissa Gaines

Client & Project Support

Dachshund fanatic. Mom. Outdoor enthusiast.

Melissa has that magic combination of warmth and assertiveness that makes her the ideal secret weapon to have in your corner when organizing and executing a project. Trained in accounting and political science, Melissa’s college and graduate school education allowed her to harness her organizational prowess and hone her skills as both a project and a team manager in the financial world before bringing that experience online, helping entrepreneurs with launches, email automation, and customer value optimization.

As Cliqueworthy’s Project Manager, Melissa is a strategic thinker who is personally invested in every single success of our clients – big and small.

She’s always on the lookout for new growth opportunities for both our clients and for us, and has an uncanny ability to keep everyone focused and on task. She has the innate gift of always seeing the best in our clients, and is genuinely motivated by helping them free up time and energy from working in their business so that they have space to truly step into their best selves.

When not working, Melissa is most happy exploring the backcountry and forging new trails on foot or by kayak. Her commitment to the outdoors is impressive – she hiked the Grand Canyon while pregnant, and beat her husband on their return the top!

Current personal challenge:

Teaching her son the proper shoelace tying technique. The struggle is real!