Talia Smith


Winter disciple. Coffee junkie. Geocacher.

Talia is a self-admitted word nerd obsessed with breaking down complex ideas and rebuilding them into language that helps leaders and businesses communicate powerfully with their audiences. She has a keen eye for structure, an alarming dedication to grammar, and an inquisitive mind that’s been rendered razor sharp since earning her BA in Communication Studies.

With a writing background spanning creative non-fiction, profiling, and investigative journalism, the variety of her experience has allowed her to excel at finding the perfect style and tone for any project in any industry.

Whether she’s creating a custom style guide to help your business find its voice or interviewing clients to craft compelling case studies, she brings a wealth of enthusiasm to any project and is genuinely delighted by helping businesses put their best words forward.

As a child of the mountains of British Columbia, Talia’s happy place is strapped into her snowboard at the top of a long, empty ski run. She’s convinced that nothing beats the feeling of filling her lungs with brisk mountain air – except maybe the first beer of après after the lifts grind to a halt for the day.

Fun fact:

After creating an environmental awareness project called Whistler Watch (it focused on the effect the 2010 Winter Olympics would have on Vancouver’s environmental corridor), she and her team were selected to represent Canada at an international environmental conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.