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Group Guesswork

Gathering people in a Facebook group, Slack channel, or another community platform is easy. Turning it into a changemaking space that’s sustainable for your business and keeps members coming back for more is much harder.

You’re not an overnight success

You’ve cultivated relationships and opportunities that have brought you success – maybe even more than expected.

You’ve created a body of work that you’re proud of, and you understand what bringing people together and empowering them to help each other makes possible. 

You’re ready to take the leap and level up your current community into something more powerful.

When you sit down to turn your big vision for the community into concrete plans for the next quarter, you find yourself thinking at least one of these thoughts:

BUILD sustainable impact, not a flash in the pan.

You know you won’t impact anyone’s life by winging it or creating your version of someone else’s plan.

But conventional frameworks, courses, and blueprints creates low-impact, low-return communities, and membership programs at an alarming rate.

It’s also led to a landslide of abandoned initiatives, shut down by leaders who felt “on-call” 24/7 or poured money into labor-intensive strategies without a return on investment.

From the outside, it’s hard to understand why, but I’ve been watching online communities for over 20 years. When you can see the big picture, a clear cycle emerges.


Community opens and engagement is high.


As excitement wears off, engagement drops, growth stagnates, and renewals slow down.


Community leaders add a new course, channel, mini training, live event, or run a challenge to solve the problem.


After initial excitement, growth and engagement dip again. The community struggles with increased workload and ROI stagnates.


This front-loaded, content-first plan starts with a surge of excitement and interest around the initial launch – and it kicks off the community burnout cycle.

This cycle can last for years; consuming salary, time, energy, and profit until the business reaches a breaking point.

Vanessa Rankin – Former Director, Policy & Communication
Ontario Association of Social Workers

We went from wanting a platform solution to having a manageable and tangible roadmap to achieving our goals.

Sophie not only helped us wade through the many community platforms on offer and make a selection; she was critical in helping us see how to make it a long-term success that could grow with us as we were ready to scale to new heights.

She came alongside our team as a subject matter expert, community builder, and mentor to deliver on what we asked for. And in the process, she also guided us toward uncovering new opportunities for member recruitment, retention, and online education that we had not even considered.

From day one, it was clear that Sophie was just as invested in the success of our community as we were. She is exactly who you want on your side in this work!

Design, launch & grow a thriving membership community.

I’m Sophie Bujold, community consultant and strategist.

For over 20 years I’ve helped leaders launch, improve, and enhance one-of-a-kind communities that change the world for the better.

I specialize in designing high-engagement communities that are built to scale, while the workloads that run them don’t.

I’ve spent years behind the scenes leading teams, advising, and improving community experiences for start-ups, creative business owners, teachers, artists, non-profits, and more. I’ve distilled that to a bespoke process that designs compelling member experiences, with a sustainable business model and team management.

If you know that community is the best way to amplify your impact but aren’t sure what to do next, I’d love to share my vision for how you can help more people than you thought possible.

Are we a good fit to work together?

Two things are true: my best clients care more about people than profits, and their businesses require a strong community business model to have lasting success.

Working with me may be the right fit if:

Working with me may not be the right fit if:

Ready to build a change-making community?

Building membership communities that create freedom

Quinn Tempest, Founder @ the Create Your Purpose Collective​

The year Quinn Tempest's community launched was her highest grossing yet. Instead of relying on time-consuming 1:1 services, 93% of her revenue came from her community.

Over 18 months, we worked together to design, launch, and grow a bespoke international community for women entrepreneurs. Today, she’s welcomed almost 200 women into its fold, hired a community manager, and recruited mentors who help her keep the community thriving.

What could working with me look like?

I work closely with business leaders to lay a strategic foundation that creates energizing communities and impressive results for international community leaders.

That’s why I offer made-to-measure services designed to bring out the best in your business and to support you in all the right places.

Community audits & assessments

Embedded or ad-hoc consulting

Strategic leadership advising

Planning & innovation workshop facilitation

Here's a sampling of how we might collaborate.​

We might use these options as-is or blend them to provide more of what you need and cut back on what you don't.

A community health audit that uncovers your strengths & opportunities for growth
A tailored strategy intensive to help you solve a specific challenge
My signature community mapping process to help you bring your idea to life​
A container of consulting sessions to help you overcome hurdles & reach your goals
Embedded consulting to support your team to develop & implement strategic initiatives.

Strategic advising to accelerate action and increase the impact of your work. 

Facilitated team workshops to help you problem-solve, ideate and build a plan​
Customer research & analysis to help you offer an irresistible experience to the right members.
Done-with-you leadership support to help you build a strong foundation​


This is a 45-minute session where we discuss your goals, your challenges, your timelines and how we can work together in the most aligned way. You will walk away with a clear idea of the work we need to tackle and a plan for how we'll get it done.

What’s happened for my clients after our work goes live?

It can be hard to find examples of thriving community businesses, or to know what success can look like, so here’s a timeline of what some of my real clients experience after they launch a new community, or make our changes live.


Within 6 months

Within 12 months

These examples demonstrate what some of my clients have experienced, and like in other areas of life, and not predictive or a guarantee of future outcomes.

Ready to build a change-making community?

Amy Lippmann – Founder @ The Health Coach Collective

Working with Sophie has given me incredible insight and made my community much more effective.

The expertise she brings to the table has allowed me to relax and feel more confident with the steps I’m taking to grow my business. We’ve built a solid plan together and it’s been so refreshing to feel like I’m not alone. She’s smart, generous, and attentive – and an expert at seeing the things that I can’t because like all of us, I’m too close to my business.

Debating if building a community is the next right move for you?

Book a Community Readiness Consultation and get honest insights to help you cut through the noise and make an informed decision.

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