Drive community + business growth through better engagement and loyalty.

Boosting your membership is just one aspect of growing a happy, healthy (and profitable) community.

Everything you use to engage with your online community – from your marketing tools to your member platform and everything in between – works together to create a digital experience that encourages new growth, minimizes churn, simplifies your workflow, and keeps your members engaged and thriving. 

Whether you use email automation, ads, and educational content to attract and retain new members, or employ a completely different combination of tactics, it’s important to consider how these tools affect your overall member experience.

What really drives scalable, sustainable growth is the value you provide through the community experience you offer.

Measuring your success goes beyond seeing a simple increase in sign-ups or having a Facebook ad pay for itself. Instead, we’ll help you harness the power of both numbers and people to create a custom growth strategy that will optimize the experience you offer and the rewards you reap.











Cliqueworthy is an end-to-end community building agency, but their work is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

They don’t just do social media strategy to get more people into your community. They don’t just create engagement strategies to keep members in your community. And they don’t just do upsells and create funnels to increase your long-term value. They do it all.

Breanne Dyck, MNIB Consulting

Our Capabilities

Client Experience

Content Strategy

Instructional Design

User Experience Design

Customer Service

Community Management

Digital Marketing

Traffic Generation

Social Media Strategy

Email Automation

Conversion Optimization

Sales & Marketing Funnels

Growth Strategy

Opportunity Analysis

Community Engagement

Analytics & Benchmarking

Membership Site Structure

Lifetime Value Optimization

See what companies like yours are doing with Cliqueworthy.

Pattern Observer

Find how we helped Michelle Fifis increase member sign-ups (and profit) while reducing her marketing load.

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Marketing for Health Coaches

Working with Cliqueworthy has given me incredible insight and made my marketing much more effective. The expertise they bring to the table has allowed me to relax and feel more confident with the steps I’m taking to grow my business. We’ve built a solid plan together and it’s been so refreshing to feel like I’m…

Amy Lippmann, Marketing for Health Coaches

Designing to Delight

Learn how we helped Christine Thatcher build her community and 10x her course sales from one launch to the next.

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Systems Rock

Sophie is a TREASURE. She is an expert at what she does and treats her clients with utmost care. She is one of the most thoughtful and knowledgeable service providers I’ve ever worked with.

Natasha Vorompiova, Systems Rock

Nice Ops

Cliqueworthy works with you to make sure that your approach matches your business goals. You really can’t go wrong with a collaborative partner like that!

Amber McCue, Nice Ops

Wish someone could fine-tune your community experience so that you can continue to scale sustainably?